Saturday, January 7, 2012

The missing Like

What triggered this post were two things actually. The first is our "Like" based life and the other was an episode of the wonderful cartoon "The penguins of Madagascar". The two don't really relate I know, but both showed me the "Importance" of fingers and thumbs. It appears that the way us human measure other specious intelligence, mostly requires thumbs.
I know your going to say what about dolphins. So, true there are exceptions (although they two are asked to preform "human" tasks) but usually when we test an animal, we give it tests we can solve, that way we are able to compare. But what does it really mean? That this animal is the second smartest, or the third after us of course. If a bird can't add up 2+2 is it necessarily stupid, or the fact that a fish can't press "Like" with his fin, does that makes it less intelligent.
I believe that we should at least try and "think out side the box", if we are as intelligent as we think we are, and not just press "Like" whenever we see a cute animal on Facebook. Because maybe just maybe, it will find it offensive next time it browses through Facebook.

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