Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank you for flying Red Bull

The Red Bull Flugtag is back. Back in Tel Aviv that is. The Flugtag is a great way to celebrate creativity. Dietrich Mateschitz the crazy thinker behind this wonderful event called Flugtag (German for "Flight day") is actually the owner of Red Bull (thumbs up for courage and spunk) started this tradition in Austria back in 1991. The success was instant and since then it is being held every year in 35 cites around the world. Of course anyone who's anyone can join and make a fool of him/her self by trying to fly their machines:
maximum wingspan of 30ft, maximum weight including the kamikaze that is holding the... whatever he's holding should not be more than 205 Kg. Oh yes and be "powered by muscle, gravity or imagination. Regardless of how good (or bad) the designs are, ultimately they will all end up in the water, and for that reason all designs must be unsinkable and be built entirely from environmentally friendly materials without any loose parts".
Take a breather... now, it's true the fly boys (or girls) are being marked for their achieved distance, creativity and showmanship. But really come on, who in their right mind, both spectators and flyers care about the distance? All that really maters is how creative one can get and how fast the machine plunges to it's death. Throughout the years the Flugtag proved over and over again that there are very creative and imaginative people out there, all they really need to do is find the right outlet.
I may not be trying to fly myself into a "clean lake", yet, but I have found my outlet.
So you may not be able judge me by distance, but if you really feel judgmental, well...

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  1. אף פעם לא חשבתי על זה שזה בעצם גרמני. מוחרם



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