Friday, June 10, 2011

Androids of the world unite

Returning from the Tel Aviv gay parade I felt proud. Not proud of being gay which I am not (not that there is anything wrong with it) but proud of the the city I live in. Tel Aviv and the people living in it are acting as a beacon inside the dark middle east (I think it's actually called middle east because it's still in the middle ages). But the thing I actually wanted to write to you about, was the sponsorships and advertising in this event. The one that caught my eye he most was the open minded sponsorship by Android. It's amazing that in just a few years the Android icon has reach a status that usually takes years to achieve. Now the bond Android made between its brand and the gay community is not only courageous and risky in a way but is also Admirably. I guess the Android brand feels either safe enough in its status or it is still in the process of positioning itself as everyone's brand. What ever the reason may be I as an advertiser salute it.
I guess from now on when we search for something we can Gaygoole it

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