Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

When a company chooses a name for itself and begins the journey to becoming a household name, it usually uses an ad agency or even a branding agency. The agency then conducts a survey that looks into the company's future audiences & markets and after learning all the facts, the name is chosen. Some companies are the first in their field or market and their name becomes a generic name, for example: Kleenex or Xerox, others just become known. When MIRS (Israels 4th cellular operator) came out, no one gave that name a second thought. But after a few years as a cellular operator and after winning the license for operating the new 3.9 generation GSM network, the name MIRS takes a all new meaning (for me at least). For those of you who did not get the point, I am sorry but I am not about to get myself slapped with a lawsuit for slander.
But... I will just say this: the next time you are about to pick a name for your company that supposed to see you through well into the future, think well, or you will be remembered but not in the way you hoped for.

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  1. If I choose the name: shuly dor to my company, Is that good enough to be remembered?



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