Sunday, October 20, 2013

King David

The first time King David visited Masada was during his flee from Saul. Since then, The king has visited the site at least three times. In the last one after realizing the strategic values of Masada he staled there till the profit Gad asked him to leave.
Thousands of years later it seems that king David has returned. Only this time he wasn't only chased by Saul, but by thousands. We all took the long journey to Masada. Upon arrival at the foot of the mountain we were joined by the rest of the troops, we all set down and prepared ourselves for the king. We fed, we drank and we continued our travel towards the plateau. It slowly became dark as the celebration grew louder and it all started to remind us the golden calf festival at the foot of mount Sinai many years before. Then he appeared, king David in the flash, back at Masada. Everybody went into a frenzy and so did I, and at one o'clock he started his "sermon"...
I am a believer.

David Gueta -424 Masada 2013

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