Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The modern dead

In every gore-infested movie the zombies walk through "life" oblivious to their surroundings as if they look at nothing, just walking. Riding my electric scooter through the streets makes me feel as if I am in one of these movies or playing a video game. The purpose of this game is to ride through the streets from point a to b, with a few simple rules: Avoid all the dogs freshly planted land mines, avoid the numerous potholes so carefully designed for your action driven ride, but the most important rule is to avoid any contact with the tens of modern zombies. You see them walking along as if with no real purpose. Their earphones plugged in, gazing at their smart-phones or newspapers (or reading the newspaper on the smart-phone), having no clue to what is going on infront of their noses. But what do you do when one of these zombies looks up at you and actually tries to talk to you? Well... like any good zombie movie, you plug in the earphones, look strait ahead and go very very slowly. If you are lucky they will keep going.

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  1. אני תמיד אמרתי שכולם נראים בלי " נשמה" ואם משהו יבוא יום אחד מן החלל החיצון ויראה את האורות הכחולים שיוצאים מכל בית יהיה בטוח שזה ה"אלוהים" של התושבים הזומבים שהולכים ברחוב מחוברים לשנ חוטים שיוצאים להם מהאוזניים.



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