Sunday, May 13, 2012

Creative of the... weak

Watching TV after a day's work (in an ad agency, that is) makes you begin to wonder what the hell is wrong with advertising in this country. Those of us who work in the field usually blame the clients. The client is stingy, the client is scared or perhaps they are just plain stupid. We all know from experience that even if all of this is true, a creative, professional agency will take the lead and create an excellent product nevertheless. Now, as I have often said, we do have the talent and we have definitely got the tools, so what are we missing here, because lot of the ads nowadays look like something we have already seen before, suggesting we have neither. Sometimes they even look like other ads that are still on. Why are we disrespecting our audience? Do we really believe they are too stupid to understand better or smarter ads? If so, why do we expect them to choose our products? I for one believe that smart advertising (smart meaning right for the product, not necessarily complicated) will help a product sell better and will even be more readily accepted by the "less intelligent" crowd. In which case, I am calling on all of you creative minds out there to please stop... think... and create like it's the first day of the rest of your creative life. Because the next time I see a boring TV spot I am simply going to the loo.


  1. Interesting discussion for the summer to come...with Assaf and Melissa

  2. I think we have to open a protest tent against non creative minds!

    1. But if everybody will be creative we won't be special

  3. צודק בהחלט. די נעלמו הרעיונות המקוריים. מזל שיש אחד טוב בשטח!!!!!



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