Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wanna like? Sike!

Since when did our lives become so heavily influenced by people who we don't know, don't respect, and who barely know what are they on about most of the time? According to Time Out magazine's recent article about Israel's 50 most influential people in the digital age, since, like, right now. To be honest, it didn't really shock me so much, but to think that the most influential people are basically people who get the most "Likes" on social media, well, that makes me shudder. To think that every time I "Like" something on facebook I actually help someone I hardly recognize become more influential. It's a scary thought.
So... if you think about it, I am the most influential person; the more I Like, the more I influence.
Deep down I always knew I was a social leader (yeah, right), but still, to know I help decide who the most influential people of our time are ,well, I Like it.

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