Monday, March 26, 2012

Different strokes

Working in advertising proves again and again that different people don't necessarily see different things, but rather they choose to see things differently. What I mean is that they see the same things but their interpretation is different. For example: picture an ad in which there is a cup of coffee with a cookie beside it on a red background. Now, where some of us will just see a cup of coffee with a cookie, others will see a communist ad for the working man. Some people might ask about the absence of the human factor; personally, I just see a cup of coffee with a cookie. I'm a simple guy. I know it's a very plain example, but I believe my readers are intelligent enough to understand and read between the lines.

Why am I writing this? I'm glad you asked. I am writing this because I just came back from a presentation in which a few different people had different takes on the campaign (which is OK if these opinions are based on common sense, but for the ones that aren't, wtf?). So yes, I am venting a bit, but so what? In the end they did like it (I think) and we will surely work together in the future (I am sure).


  1. פשוט ללכת אחריך בעינים עצומות וזה הימור בטוח!

  2. אחריך בעינים עצומות .



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