Monday, April 11, 2016

3 seconds rule

Growing up, there was a undeniable rule for food that's dropped to the floor. If you picked it up in under 3 seconds it was safe to eat. Maybe the lack of bacterial information, maybe just a sign of the times or maybe we were just kids. But that was the rule.
Nowadays everything is quicker. Especially our attention span, which is shortening every year.
A few days ago I've upgraded to the newest operating system on my smart phone. It appears that it works great but... In one area it has slowed down the phone by maybe 1/2 a second. Half a sec!
The weird thing is, that I've actually noticed that. Now how crazy is that? We are all used to such quick action-reaction that if things take more than half a second we get upset or even frustrated.
So no more. I have decided to go retro and allow for more "wasted" seconds in my life.
Therefore I may answer your calls, WhatsApp or even Facebook Messenger half a second to late so please try and bare with me, I'm from the 60's you know.

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