Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Peace, out

Yesterday night around seven, we heard the first siren. We live in Tel Aviv in an old neighborhood so our houses don't have any safe rooms. So we, that means my 9 and 7 years old daughters, my wife and myself had to go to our second toilet room which is located under the staircase and its the size of a small lift with a diagonal ceiling. Sounds funny I know.
When you look at all this without prejudice (not easy) it's quit a surreal and even funny way of life. In our modern life history for the past 65 years we all live in this crazy country and even crazier situation. Politics and believes aside this place is insane, no kid or adult for that matter should live like this in any society. It's now 08:31 and as I am writing this another siren is heard, waiting for the "boom" to know when it's over, a fall or a hit by Kipat Barzel (Iron Dome, another great Israeli invention).
But for me it is a temporary situation. For thousands of kids in the south of Israel and in the Gaza strip this is a way of life. Just writing this, is enough to make you crazy. But we all know, the world doesn't really give a fuck and apparently this is going to go on for a very long time... War, quiet, war, quiet and so on and so forth.
There is a say "if you can't beat them, join them" but I don't believe it works here for either side of the conflict, so maybe this will: "Get used to it or get the fuck out", (again, that goes for both sides of course). Well I really want to get out because I don't believe we should get used to this ,but I guess I am here for the long run :-(
So till the next missile. Peace out.


  1. אתה מתאר את ה"שגעון" בדיוק אבל יותר טוב שגעון שיודעים בדיוק איך הוא מאחר שלא .

  2. כל זמן שמלחמה מתנהלת כאילו "בשם" ה אי אפשר לשנות זאת.ולצערנו זה התירוץ שהחמאס משתמש בו.