Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fighting for peace? Or a piece of fight

We are now "officially" in a ceasefire. Or are we. The Hamas and the Israelis have agreed to disagree. The Egyptians offered to be mediator and proposed a ceasefire agreement.
The basic terms are the complete cease of any aggression from both sides and the opening of the passages. That means that goods like food, medicine, building materials etc. can enter the Gaza strip freely.
So far Israel has agreed, Hamas for now has not.
Meanwhile the rockets fire continues and so does the suffering of people on both sides. Now, both sides are looking to get out of this conflict with an upper hand, but it seems that each side has a different interpretation or idea for what upper hand actually means.
So is it going to be a deja vu of past agreements? Is this conflict going to end once and for all and this area will be on its way to lasting peace? Or maybe, we're still on our way to nowhere?

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  1. אני מצטערת אבל כנראה אנחנו בדרך לאף מקום.


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