Sunday, March 2, 2014

They have a dream

Later today a massive rally is going to take place in Jerusalem. It was organized by the ultra orthodox with two objectives. The first is to show strength, the other is to go against a law which binds every able 18 year old orthodox to join the army (the same as it always was for every secular 18 year old).
Rallies are of course a legitimate way to make yourself heard in democratic countries.
But what happens when it stands completely against a law which was voted for in the same democracy?
Some may say there is no right or wrong here (at least non partial viewers) but there is definitely something really rotten here. Don't get me wrong, I believe in our democratic right to protest and getting our voices heard but... This rally is backed by decisions to simply refuse to obey the law, plus it's volatile in particular due to the fact it hits a nerve within the already serving secular Israelis.
So let's sum it up: I am of course against this way of protesting. I believe that in order to protest against a law you must first at least abide by it, (and I am not talking about new laws that will endanger us) I just wish us secular Israelis will ones be able to join in such force for something we "believe" in.

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