Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lost - season 1 episode 1

As the Malaysian airline flight MH370 mystery deepens, I can't stop wandering about our own ordeal in the desert.
Last weekend a few of us, 26 to be exact (12 of them were kids) decided to go for a "walk about" in the Negev desert. After a night in a Bedouin tent we took off. About 40 minutes drive later, we parked our cars in the middle of f... Nowhere.
Now, there were two trails, and we decided of course on the short 3k one (kids you know).
About an hour and a half into our walk, (which was supposed to be the entire length of the trial) it started to pour and the end was nowhere to be seen. So a friend and myself offered a short cut trough a different path. Well... The group's decision was to listen to their women's intuition and continue on our current trail.
5 hours later we started realizing something was wrong. The fact we had no more food, water or cellular reception did the trick. So the same friend and myself decided to climb a mountain (yes a mountain) in order to see whether we can get any reception and maybe send a distress call. After a 30 minutes or so climb the SMS was sent and we received a message back that rescue is on its way.
Two hours later as we sit around our bonfire a pickup truck arrived with two young men and no room what so ever for us. Apparently they thought we only needed water.

And the plot thickens. We loaded the kids on the pickup and decided to walk back behind it using its lights as a guide. On the way we met with an army jeep on patrol with 3 really nice soldiers that apparently saw our foot prints and followed them to us (we later found out, this trail was only 4k from the Egyptian border and was used by mainly by infiltrators).
We stuffed some more people on the jeep and sent them on their way with a promise to come back for us.
Now, it's dark, we have no water, no food but no kids as well, so we started our walk back. After two more hours we met up with the pickup again and were told we already walked for 8k and all that's left where a couple more.
We arrive to a surreal image. An army jeep with 3 soldiers surrounded by 12 kids in the dark in the middle of the desert.
Now all that was left, was the two hours drive home.
Piece of cake. 

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