Monday, December 30, 2013

The first rule of Fight Club is...

Something is not right here. It's getting easier and easier to act violently and get away with it. Even worst is the fact that violent acts are getting acknowledgment on social networks and in schools. Every day on facebook dozens of new violent videos are being uploaded and the amount of likes they're getting is frightening.
Now I am not naive, and I know society is getting more and more violent. But when did violence become expectable? Or better yet, encouraged?
I think that for the first time I realize, that as advertisers we have a major roll here. The "funny" thing is that by relinquishing all violent, sexual or racist elements from advertising doesn't make it less appealing or effective. Working for the biggest names in the Israeli market while targeting the religious people both here and abroad for a few years proves that exact point.
Advertising and violence are not a match made in heaven!

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