Monday, August 26, 2013

Back from paradise

:-) Yes we're back.
Two weeks in Thailand, pure paradise and now we're back to work, to routine, to... Paying for paradise. But it's not all bad. There is one thing I brought back with me (accept the shopping of course), it's a simple thing we all take for granted, a smile. I know it's may sound corny or maybe even stupid but I am talking about the concept of smiling as a way of life and not just a facial feature.
Truth be told I am a positive person and I do smile a lot, but in paradise I came to realize there is a difference between smiles. So today I woke up with a different look at life, I believe it's basically a look at now instead of yesterday or tomorrow. It's not for lack of ambitions or dreams, but it is the choice of not living them before they happen.
There is a famous line from "Field of dreams" that says: "If you build it, they will come", and I say If you smile they will stay.
Good morning :-)

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