Monday, July 29, 2013

The hunt for the perfect cell

No, I am not talking about the human genome project or the manipulation of stem cells.
I am talking about is the non stop chase for the best cell phone, if we can still call it a phone. When one loves gadgets as much as I do, this chase is a serious problem. Every month (or less) basically a new cell phone is out. Back in the day you had the tape for years and than came the CD. After a few years the laser disc arrived. Then the DVD, which ruled the market for years... and you know the rest. But now the pace is so rapid that by the time you get used to the cell you have a new and improved one comes along. So, we already understood that the cell phone is "not only" used as a phone and created the tablets and by doing so we created a new race. Another funny thing is that cell phones started big and became smaller and smaller over the years, but now they are getting bigger and bigger.
In all that mess let's not forget the war between Apple and Samsung. This war not only pushed the race for the best cell, it divided us from just simple gadget lovers or users to 2 camps - iOS Vs. Android.
So it's true, we're not talking about the human genome but we're not so far from it. Because the companies are trying their best to solve our consumer DNA and provide us with the cell our bodies simply could not reject.

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  1. נכון מאד. אנחנו הופכים לאט לאט לזומבים עם חוטים שיוצאים מהאוזנים.


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