Sunday, July 14, 2013

P.C or P.IC

Israelis are not strange to the term Political correct but even more there are not strange to what I like to call P.IC - Political incorrect. In the past elections for the Israeli government a "new kid on the block" was elected, and found himself acting as the minister of finance. This guy, was of course already know for his opinions and beliefs through his work as a journalist (one of the reasons that got him elected of course). But what wasn't known (or believed) was his "acting abilities" or in this case his P.IC. Why? Because the platform of his campaign was based on the promise for a new kind of politics and what we got was, well... A new kind of bullshit.
As an advertiser you learn that one thing worst than a bad campaign is a good one for a bad product. True, in the near future it's great for the product, it's instantly sold. But for the brand and for the future? The lucky thing for this "brand" is that we are stuck with it for four years and in four years a lot can happen, both for us and both for the "clients" collective memory. So as someone that actually voted for this brand, I hope my memory will out last his term of office, because even though I do believe in 100 days of grace it seems that in dog year they're already over.

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