Saturday, January 12, 2013

Working 9 to 5?

It's officially next week for me, why? I'm at the office. I know it is very strange due to the fact I am V.P. here. But I have decided that as one I can't ask my people to do stuff I am not willing to do myself. So it's Saturday evening around 20:00 and I am at the office with a few of my graphic artists as a solidarity act. I am not writing this in order to blow my own horn (although every man wishes he could) it's just that I have some free time :-)
Now seriously, I am writing about this because it seems that in advertising one of the things that never changes is the lack of respect for the workers personal time. "The client needs it now", "If you don't finish this tonight the client won't pay us", and so on and so forth. Time has taught me that it is all about you educating the clients instead of letting them run the show. True, there will always be unexpected projects and problems which will makes us work strange hours, but still...

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