Monday, January 7, 2013

Couple up I'll pick you up in 10

Thinking of brands (as I always do) this rainy morning one in particular comes to mind. Noah of course. Noah is a strong and multinational brand and has been so for thousands of years. The first thing you think of, almost all over the world when there's hard rain, is Noah.
Now there could be number of reasons for that. Number one is the fact that he was probably the first and only one in his field. Another is that Noah has proven to be very PC and aimed for a target audience built from both men and women, or gay couples ("went in two by two"). The last is the fact that his product kept its promise, the arc of course.
Now is it a Jewish thing? I mean is it a truly successful brand or simply a great campaign? Is there really a difference? I for one believe (strange choice of words I know) that it's a great campaign, and I am also sure that if we put it to the test in a Non aided awareness survey Noah will prove to be even bigger than McDonald's.

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