Sunday, December 2, 2012

A post war post

The 29th of November was always an important date in the Jewish Israeli collective. On this day back in 1947 the state of Israel was declared. But now, this date will forever mark something different as well, the day the palestinian authority was excepted by the UN as an observer state.
Now what does it all mean? Well, it means that in right timing and with the right marketing strategy everything can be branded and to the naked eye even an "observer state" can be branded or be perceived as something it is not.
Therefore the danger that Israel fails to understand or except, is that appearances are much more important than anything else. I think what Israel really needs is a good campaign manager and a brilliant PR firm. Because as strong and just as the IDF is (and it is make no mistake) and as democratic as Israel's society is, without the right campaign it's bound to lose.
Through the years we've all seen good products fade away due to bad marketing and vice versa. Now the PA has branded itself as the underdog and kept with the same strategy year after year. Israel on the other hand has no fixed USP. Once it's humain (which it is), once it's the neighborhood bully and other times it's the underdog. Israel needs a clear USP, right wing or left, religious or secular the "say" has to be clear, loud and persistent.
As I wrote in my last post war post (I just like saying that) the public in Israel rose to the challenge and embraced a clear and just USP - THE TRUTH. They ran with this campaign though the social medias like a seasoned advertiser in a professional manner and with results in world public opinions. But this is just the beginning, the world is buying the PA's product and if Israel won't wake up, it will corner the market. Israel has one of the best products out there, now all it needs to do is, SELL...

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