Sunday, December 16, 2012

Home of the brave

America, a truly great nation. The land of opportunities and a chance to make something of yourself. It all sounds like a great idea, but something along the way got seriously f...
When the forefathers of this nation wrote the constitution I am sure they didn't have this in mind. America is also a god fearing country, so what where they thinking when they wrote the amendment "The right to bare arms"? Didn't it come in conflict with "Thou shall not kill"? And does it really mean, giving someone the right to collect guns in the amount that could support a small uprising?
I guess Einstein was right, everything is relative. We always think to ourselves, "In America things are different, safer". But are they, really? We may live in a war zone (so to speak) but not knowing if your kid will come back from school! I doubt that's what they call "The American way of life".
So wake up America! If the situation in the middle east doesn't effect you, I sure hope this will or there is really no hope for you.
But hey, if you want a safer life for your tired, poor and huddled masses, our gates are always open for you.

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