Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why fi?

For the first time in Israel a communication company is going social. Bezeq has announced its new wi-fi social network on Tuesday. The idea behind this project is to join users to this social network by allowing a small portion of their surfing capabilities for the good of others. By doing so they will be able to surf a nation wide wi-fi network. Recently we see more and more mobile phones and tablets with wi-fi capabilities, while at the same time private networks are being closed by passwords for privacy reasons. The new wi-fi network will allow users to surf some of Israel's 100,000 private networks as one big network without having to search for open ones. I think this is what social is all about, the true meaning of sharing. I just hope that people and companies with broad band will rise to the challenge.

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  1. צודק. הכל צריך להיות לכולם



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