Sunday, April 22, 2012

A leap of faith

Now that the Holocaust Memorial Day has finished one can wonder about the power of faith. What is it that keeps believers believe? Sure this question has been asked many times before but really, what? Will people keep believing in something just for the sake of believing, even when they are being abused, hurt or even worse over and over again? Are we that naive?
Last night I got an answer. My youngest daughter keeps having bad dreams, I guess it's an age thing. But every evening before going to bed she asks the dream-fairy that is hung by her bed to make her dreams good ones. And every night she has bad dreams again. This ritual happens daily, so it's either as kids we have the memory of a goldfish or when we grow up (some of us) we simply try and cope or turn to faith.

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  1. אמונה היא דבר גדול, עובדה...



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