Saturday, April 7, 2012


They tried to kill us and didn't succeed, let's eat.
This is by far my favorite definition of Jewish holidays. Even Passover that's supposed to be all about reading the Hagada, becomes all about the food (well at lest with us secular Jews). It amazes me to this day how on earth not all Jews suffer from obesity.
After eating for a couple of hours you find yourself sitting across a table that is still packed with tons of food. Meat, chicken, potatoes and so on and so fourth and you can think is what to do with all of food.
So what's better than thinking about food? Moving on to coffee, cake cookies and fruit salad. Now, when all you feel like is having a nap, you start clearing the table and filling boxes with food that will last for the all week for the entire family. Finally it's time to go home, but after all that calories there is no way you are driving. So you walk for 30 minute hoping to loose 100 cal of the 2000+ cal dinner you just devoured.

Thank god it's Saturday, when all you do is relax with the family and let the calories evaporate (still waiting) until... lunch at your mother in law's.

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  1. באמת כל החגים היהודיים הם אוכל אתה לא יודע שאצל אמא יהודיה אם הילד אוכל אז כל הבעיות פטורות.



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