Friday, February 3, 2012

Double or nothing

800,000,000 uses. Thats more than the entire European population.
$100 Billion IPO. The equivalent of Tunisia's GDP.
Personal worth of $23,000,000,000 More than double the Israeli IDF budget.
I can go on and on, but no numbers in the world will explain the phenomenon called Facebook.
With 250,000,000 photos being uploaded daily it seems that if Facebook will crash one day a lot of people will loose their "lives". Think about it millions of people live their lives in Facebook, all their "friends" are there all their contacts are there, their albums their events well... their lives.
But nothing of this is new of course, I am just thinking. If the average number of friends on Facebook is 300 of which I believe at least 30% are not really friends. It means that around 300,000,000 users are basically living a false life. So if Facebook is worth around $100,000,000,000 then one can open another social network for all these users who don't really have a life, not even in Facebook and make a killing. True a few did: Badoo, twitter, flickr, Pintrest, Google+ etc. and they all have millions of users. And still, none of these networks created even a ripple in todays social ocean. So listen to number one (just joking we are dealing with numbers after all), don't go open a new social network just because. But then again I could be wrong, after all most of you confirmed me as a friend, or did you?

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