Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The rise and fall of the Haredic advertising

Someone dear to me asked me recently, why don't I (now, when my blog is celebrating its first years birthday) write something about Haredic advertising. I did work there for four years after all. Well, truth be told, and I do hope it doesn't come across as me being big headed, but since leaving the Haredic advertising world there wasn't anything to write home about.
I remember the start of this weird and wonderful friendship with this unique market. It started around 5 years ago, and as a creative director from the secular sector, it was quite a culture shock. A friend once told me, that designing for the Haredic market is like being asked to paint a beautiful and colorful picture without using three of the basic colors.
But still, the amazing potential, both from the business point of view and the creative one were obvious from the start, so we garbed it by the horns and never looked back.
Now 5 years later, every now and then I get stuff sent to me or I surf the blogs of this past life hoping to see a continuation to our legacy (yes, legacy) but alas, I never really do.
Maybe one day. One can still hope without being a believer.

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  1. אחי הגדול והמעורר השראה,
    אין לי ספק שהשארת אחריך מורשת
    גם בפרסום החרדי




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