Monday, June 19, 2017

Pay attention

I am from an older generation. A generation of storytellers. For me, still, a print ad is the ultimate form of advertising. It's not that I don't like or don't believe in digital because I do. I just feel it is much harder to be creative and tell a full story on a single page. It's the same as trying to create an amazing TV spot with a small budget rather than a huge one.
Now slowly (well not so slowly) print is dying and the digital world is taking over. But the need for good storytelling remains the same. The difference is, that the attention span today is shortening by the second and we got to a point in which we need to tell our story or at least a teaser, in under 3 seconds. So once you passed those 3 seconds it's gone for good, It's true, you can replay, but come on who does?
So before print is completely gone (don't worry there is still time) here are some great examples of storytelling.

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