Monday, January 23, 2017

Let's make it better...

When building a brand, one must decide on a USP (unique selling proposition) a special strong point for the product, whom will it be addressed to (what's the target audience) and what do the competitors do or say.
When Donald J. Trump started his campaign for the US presidency a few things were decided. The goal of course was set, the target audience was very accurate, but the USP? Well, although it was allover the place, still there was a connecting line, an idea behind it all.
The campaign worked and the product turned into a household name in a record time and a became an international brand. Now in advertising we always say, it doesn't matter how good the campaign is if the product is not. So, now we have to see if the "product" will live up to his USP (like it or not). The thing is, no matter what happens to the brand from this day forth, it has now overlapped with another brand "The 45 US President", and this brand will last forever, or for at least 4 years.
So even if we "buy" the product or not, listen to it or not, read about it or not, or even invest in it or not, it will still flourish as a brand. In the marketing and advertising world I live in, this just won't happen. But I guess my world is not the real world, at least not entirely. So for now I will stay in my little world and hope the real one will try and learn what we do with brands which are basically bad products, even if they had great campaigns.

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