Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Self-fulfilling prophecy?

Everyone is a prophet. Through the years we've witnessed a ray of prophets, usually in the form of writers both in books, radio skits or movies. Some able to foresee more accurate than others or maybe even contributed to the inventions of tomorrow, and some well, I will maybe rewrite this sentence once I get my time machine running.
Today's prophets so it seems, have an easier job. They no longer look at the far away future but rather at the near one. But the thing that is common with all modern prophets is pessimism. The question is really why? Do we all deep inside believe the future is grim? Or simply pessimism sells more than optimism? Not taking sides of course, but if you think about it, being a pessimist is way easier. You simply exaggerate the now, add a few twists in the plot and voila' you have a future. Being an optimist means one has to actually think and invent an alter, better future. It's true, there are exceptions, that write a completely different optimistic future, but still...
I guess the future will tell if they were right being pessimistic or the past will if the optimistic ones were right.

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