Monday, September 5, 2016

Back to reality

Every time I come back from a vacation, I get the feeling I wasn't born to work. Sorry if that sounds weird or gloomy but it's true. I realized that going on vacation is a sort of improved augmented reality, It's a mixture of other people's locations with your own fantasy life. So... I have decided (in my dreams of course) to go on vacation for a month every other month. Thus, every return will be a vacation from my vacation, call it a layover. The problem is, my so called "layover" will be in a form of hard labor in order to save for the next vacation.
Well as you can see I am on a bit of a downer due to the fact I've just landed (again) and I've yet to discover the real way of traveling for a living, so any ideas will be gladly excepted.
But, before you do think of ideas for me please, take a moment...

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  1. אני מבינה אותך מאד אבל אצלי זה קצת אחרת. אני נורא שמחה לנסוע ונורא שמחה לחזור והזיג זג הזה דוקא נראה לי מענין ומועיל.


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