Thursday, August 6, 2015

Live and die in T.A

Two of my dearest friends just left. They relocated to New York. The reason of course is business, but this move reflects a much dipper issue. Every day I hear of more and more people with more and more reasons that leave this country behind with everyone in it. It feels like the ring is getting tighter around my neck. I live in Tel Aviv which is truly a great city with a unique vibe. But lately it hasn't been enough. Things and events are penetrating our wonderful bubble and it's getting harder to breath. I know it may sound petty or unfair, but I don't care. I see myself as a modern and socially active person, I recycle, I work hard, I am a good father and husband (I try my best), I drive an electric vehicle, I help people and animals in need, really I do it all, so... I feel I am entitled to be happy with my life. I don't expect everything on a silver platter but I also don't expect to struggle. So as hard as it is for me to keep "losing" friends to other places I truly understand, support and I am even jealous. I know it's easier to just put on ear plugs and cover my eyes but I don't want to be numb. So for now, I'll just keep living the way I do in my shrinking little bubble and just hope its doesn't pop.

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