Tuesday, June 9, 2015

theredadman or Madmen?

I know it's a bit late (better late than ever, right) but I have just started watching MadMen. Me, a creative director. Anyways, I can't help but comparing the show to my own experience in the advertising world. True, it's not the sixties anymore, but still there are lot of similarities and I keep wondering whether the place of the creative director has weakened over the years or is it simply the clients that have worsen. I choose the second option of course. I believe it is partly our fault. As time passed and the markets became harder and more competitive, the clients slowly became more insecure. This is exactly when we had to step in. It is our responsibility to lead our clients rather than be led by them.
All you Madmen out there listen to theredadman, the real denominator between us all is creative, so remember, don't follow, lead.

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