Saturday, May 23, 2015

Is language male or female?

Who cares?
In English for example, both men and women are being addressed to as "you", but in the Hebrew language there are different nouns for each. Maybe because it is an ancient language or maybe there is no reason at all, but still it is a fact. For years I've been talking or at least trying to in the right manor, a noun for male and a noun for female. I also used to correct others for using the language wrong (annoying I know). Recently I have decided to raise the flag no more. It's about time that Hebrew will become a non gender bias language. I know it will be hard to change the way we talk, but I promise to do my best. Plus, I will stop correcting people. I really hope more people will do the same until the Hebrew Academy (a funny fact on its own, that it is called so while academy is NOT a Hebrew word) will decide to go with the times and change. 

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  1. זה יהיה קשה מאד. אני חושבת שיש עוד הרבה דברים שצריך לשנות קודם, ואם כל כך דואגים שידברו נכון עברית, למה בתשבצים חצי מן המילים הן מילים לועזיות