Wednesday, March 18, 2015

oops, we did it again

Well... It's "groundhog day". Today we woke up to a new but not so different day.
The 2015 elections are over and nothings has really changed, again.
Now, people always say to me "you live in a bubble", and it's true, I actually do.
But because I'm living in Tel Aviv, a young, colorful, tolerant international city, I always tend to forget it is still just a city within a country that apparently is nothing like my little bubble at all :-(
It seems that in Israel 2015 the minority (i.e. my bubble's dwellers and a few others good souls) is trying like hell to "do good" for the rest of the country while the second is doing its best not to comply.
Well I don't know what's the best course of action right now... Whether to keep on fighting or just forget about it all and become numb or maybe just get the fuck out.
Being an optimist, I'll most probably stay here and keep trying my best (in my humble ways) to change things for the better. But the truth is, I am loosing fate, and I am NOT the believing kind.

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