Saturday, May 10, 2014

Self post

There is a new (not so new) craze that is swiping the land...The Selfie. This thing is going through my mind for quite some time. Why the hell are people taking photos of themselves and posting them all over? Clearly you don't really look you best in a Selfie. Well some actually still look good but in most cases you look a bit off. So what or why is it? After much selfie deliberation I have decided that the main reason for this is as always the lack of self confidence. Some of you may say I disagree, some will probably say, where is the news and some may say I agree (as usual those are the ones that matter :-) SO it's as simple as this. If you are not famous and don't have people running after you to take your picture, you might as well do it yourself. True, Celebes are doing it too but, that's already a craze so it doesn't count. I figured my blog is not much different, no one is writing about me so...  here's a Selfie inside a blog

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