Wednesday, April 9, 2014

40 years and counting

The Jewish ingenuity never seizes to amaze me. But what really happened (if indeed it did) in the desert? You had 40 years in there, couldn't you guys invent some kind of yeast free bread (not matza)? 40 long years, and now, thousands of years later all the Jews have to suffer and eat this Ikea MDF look-alike and taste alike.
It's true that there are worst things and that I for one don't really eat this but still my fellow Israelis suffer year after year. So in the name of conspiracy theories I've decided that this is all the drug companies' fault. I mean how can one go for a whole week of matza without some laxative, correct me if I am wrong. And that's not all, matza balls, eggs with salty water, cakes from matza etc.
I did write a while ago the definition of a Jewish holiday: "They tried to kill us, they didn't succeed, let's eat", but really "they tried to kill us? Maybe, but do we have to continue for ourselves?
Happy holidays :-)

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  1. yes, but... the matza was made in a hurry before the israelies left mitzrain. in the desert they ate Man, Slav and Lafot from shemesh. that's why, after 7 days we go back to the better food today. happy holydays - shlomi


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