Saturday, February 15, 2014

Virtual corner

Facebook has long since become the virtual Hyde Park Speakers' corner. There are some major differences of course, but the basic is the same. In Speakers' corner you speak your mind regardless if your audience agrees with you or not, or even if it's there at all. Now on Facebook the principle is the same but the most significant difference in my opinion is the fact that you can say your piece and leave, and then decide when to come back and "face" the audience.
In the virtual world of Facebook most of the audience are pre-chosen (your friends' list) so you're bound to find some that share your views (another factor that makes it easier) and of course on Facebook it never rains, snows or even gets cold.
But seriously I am all for freedom of speech and I believe the fact that there is a global and accessible Speakers' corner is priceless, I just haven't decides yet if I want to be a permanent spectator.
But hey, who's asking me right?

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