Sunday, January 12, 2014

Me myself and I

Two day ago I went to an audition for the 4th season of "The Amazing Race" Israel. You are probably asking yourselves why? Well, the true reason varies. It starts with traveling, a bug I've had since I can remember myself. The second is extreme sports and last of course is going on a world wide prepaid vacation.
As an advertiser I know everything about rating and typecasts. But sitting inline for the audition made me take a step back and look at it from another perspective. Where do I fit in and under what typecast? Then I thought, isn't looking for someone different or special while burrowing through stigmas and typecasts, really defeats the purpose? And what is unique, different or special if they become part of the mainstream (which is great)? And do these shows perpetuate typecasts or helping them become acceptable and "normal"?
Going to this kind of shows put people in the same boat with the same exact starting point and the same conditions. Now I know that the casting director and producers probably do not have hopes for equality and it even defeats their true purpose - rating. But it all raises another question. In an equal society when there are no groups, categories or typecasts, who counts as special or unique, and could or should there be one?

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