Saturday, March 9, 2013

Violence pays

Apparently violence really pays off. Growing up between two sisters "violence" was a part of my day to day life. When I was young I got it from my older sister and when I myself grew up, I was generous enough to pass it on to my younger sister. I know it sounds like a joke, sisters, violence? But yes we where crazy and did some wild and dangerous things to each other. SO why am saying that violence pays? Well I just came back from an amazing weekend in the desert with my sisters (the same violent ones) and I believe the amazing connection we have with each other today must have derived from something, so I guess it must be the violence :-)


  1. בתור האחות הקטנה חייבת רק לשים דגש על העובדה שאני לא הייתי אלימה, אבל המסקנה אכן נכונה, רק בבקשה על תגיד את זה לילדים שלי :-)

  2. זה לא רק בגלל זה אלא בגלל מי שאתם , הכי בעולם


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