Monday, October 29, 2012

It's time

The all week I was busy dealing with the production of a clip for the EFI awards.  This morning I got the final cut. But the minute I started downloading it, the fun began ......... downloading ............  :-(
It's seems like with every day that passes our expectations of "time" is that it will be shorter and faster. There is an Israeli joke that claims, the fastest thing in the world is the reaction time from the moment the traffic light turs green to the first beep you hear behind you.
What it basically means is that the world has become restless and unforgiving towards time wasting. We press a button and expect it to work, and if it takes more than a second we get frustrated. Try and think back to the days we all had an internet dialup or even before when we (the old ones among us) waited for the TV tube to heat up.
Think about it, the time we wait for a file to download is probably the only true free time we have.
So start downloading and relax ................. :-)

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