Sunday, September 9, 2012

Which way did he go?

Where do we go from here? Is the future of advertising as we know it clear? Will it stay the same? I believe it wont. It simply can't. The world is changing and in the process businesses do to. We all feel the slowing down of the global economy and its effects. But it is more than that. Advertising has become what we all feared it would for so long, a luxury. So true, we all know they still have to advertise but... the budgets are shrinking, most clients purchase their own media, and of course the conversation is about sales rather than creative. So where does it leave the world of advertising? The word is adapt. Adapt or be gone. An advertising agency that will not adapt will either cease to exist or shrink to its bare essentials. It seems like the small agencies will die out, and the big ones will become smaller. But it is not only the size that matters, it's the essence of those agencies that will change the game. Now more than ever creative will only exist where they are sales and not by its own. When the dust will settle new medias and new forms of advertising will surly emerge and with them a new breed of agencies that will rise to the challenge. Sure they will still try to be the most creative but they will also have to be innovative and ground braking in their marketing ideas in order to justify their existence. I for one am up to the challenge.

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